‘n Chillow

Belgian producer dj Chillow teams up with his longtime pal Jeffrey Jefferson on the second in his ‘n Chillow series. Jefferson aka Gringo already featured on the first album Reap ‘n Chillow- NY2BE . Jefferson ‘n Chillow – Muddy Grounds is the second album on which Chillow collaborates with fellow artists. Jefferson has a Rap background, but with his band SoulRock Avenue he ventures into singing Neo Soul. This is exactly what the new project is about, creating a mature Hawthorne-like sound. You can preview the first single Muddy Grounds here.


A Far Cry for Lauryn Hill

It’s been over a decade since The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. 1998. On Friday, Miss Hill finally released much anticipated new work. The first single release since Miseducation is called Neurotic Society. Hill claims the song isn’t entirely finished but pressure from the record company to meet deadlines pushed for a release. Don’t expect to hear a return to the Doo-wop sounds of Hill’s debut. This Compulsory Mix sounds more Hip Hop, laid over an electronic groove. See if you are into Society.

Coely brings something new

18 year old Antwerp based Hip Hop star Coely is having the time of her life right now. Having been influenced by Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu, Coely brings danceable Rap music M.I.A.-style. Manchester City-player Vincent Kompany and none other than De La Soul have already praised the up-n-coming talent. Ain’t Chasing Pavements, Coely’s debut single is getting extensive airplay in her home country, and views on YouTube of the video are counting. Catch her infectious groove right here.


The first new Doors track of the 21st century may turn out to be an odd combination. The remaining members recorded a new song with popular DJ/producer Skrillex (Sonny Moore). The recording session and its music are part of a new documentary film, RE:GENERATION. The project brings together  five popular DJs/producers to work with artists from five different genres of music. Pretty Lights teamed up with country stars Leann Rimes and Ralph Stanley, The Crystal Method worked with Soul sensation Martha Reeves, DJ Premier produced a song for Nas and the Berklee School of Music Orchestra, and members of the Dap Kings got together with Mark Ronson, Erykah Badu and Trombone Shorty on a jazz song. Catch a glimpse of the results in the world premiere of the trailer.

London burning

Trinidad born Teophilus London, raised in Brooklyn, is causing a storm these days with the release of his full-length Timez are Weird These Days.His debut EP Lovers Holiday, released earlier this year features ao Solange Knowles. London’s approach to Hip Hop draws from a range of styles, from Soul and RnB, to post-punk and electro. Influences range from Michael Jackson and Prince to Kraftwerk and the Smiths. This shows in his current single My Name Is London. A fresh take on Hip Hop, frontin the Kanyes or Jay-Zs. Recent performances at Cannes Film Festival, Northside Festival in Brooklyn and Montreal International Jazz Festival inflated the buz. If you haven’t heard, check the video to see what the fuss is all about.