No more Rosas

A while back Beyoncé became the subject of controversy, once more. Without much ado, a new version of the video for Countdown emerged. All incriminating scenes have been removed. Rosas seem to have won this one.


Return of the Ladyhawke

2012 will hopefully be filled with lots of good music. New music to look forward to is the sophomore release of New Zealand’s Ladyhawke, scheduled next Spring. The Lady recently tweeted: “As for the sound of the record…It’s a lot heavier, guitar and drum-wise. I wanted a live feel. It’s an upbeat album, I swear!” Some song titles already revealed include Vaccine, Blue Eyes and Sunday Drive. In case you managed to miss her debut, be sure to pick up a copy and be submerged in up-lifting, timeless pop music. Here’s the killer track of killer tracks My Delerium once more. Spring’s already in the air!

We do give a sh@t

Today Studio Brussel revealed the theme song for the 6th and final edition of their benefit radio marathon Music For Life. The past five years the cities of Leuven, Antwerp and Ghent hosted the event. This year all three will take turns in hosting as the mobile studio will be moved from city to city. To reflect this union, three artists got together to collaborate on this year’s theme song. Selah Sue (from Leuven) and dEUS front man Tom Barman (from Antwerp) recorded their on take of the Bel-Pop cult classic Zanna, produced by The Subs (from Ghent). Originally the track was released in 1984 by Luc Van Acker, a Belgian experimental musician, producer and manager, in duet with Anna Domino. Sweet Coffee released their version in 2007, taken from the album Naked City. This new version will be available on iTunes from Wednesday 30 November.