Del Rey follow-up?

Lana Del Rey recently promoted two tracks off her debut album more or less simultaneously, Summertime Sadness and National Athem. Now three new songs surfaced: Big Bad Wolf, Playing Dangerous, Ghetto Baby, Serial Killer and I’m Afraid. Del Rey is possibly working on a follow-up, but it is not clear if these are teasers for a second album. Meanwhile the singer has been pretty busy commercially, singing a deal with Jaguar to promote its new sports car and fronting H&M’s Fall collection in women’s wear. The Swedish retailer is going to use Lana’s cover of the Bobby Vinton classic Blue Velvet in its tv commercial. You can watch the video in full on the shop’s websites starting September 19th. An edited version will air on television later this year. Lana will perform September 25th at London’s iTunes Festival. Wonder if she’ll lift some of the obscurity.

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