Your Summer Playlist

If your musical thirst is drenched by the likes of Bright Light Bright Light, TYP and Empire of the Sun, than here’s two more albums to add to your playlist this Summer.
Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian of Capital Cities delivered a superb full length earlier this month. In a Tidal Wave of Mystery is a line you will have heard in the duo’s debut single Safe and Sound, a song they first released some two years ago. If you loved the horns and the feel-good vibe of the track, you’re in for a treat. The whole album follows the same recipe, without sounding the same. The only break from this routine comes with Farrah Fawcett Hair, a radio commercial- like track featuring André 3000 and Shemika Secrest, narrated by NPR’s Frank Tavares. The new single Kangaroo Court will surely get you on board, if you’re not already.

In the same line, ever so superb but maybe a bit more divers, is SlowKnights’ album Cosmos, released back in March. SlowKnights is Scissor Sisters’ Derek “Del Marquis” Gruen’s latest collaboration, after working with musicians such as Xaxier, and members of Prince’s New Power Generation and his own Scissor Sisters.
Gruen only lays down lead vocals on Legendary Children. Other vocalists include Xavier, former Scissor Sister members Chrissi Poland and Bridget Barkan, and Rod Thomas (a.k.a. Bright Light x2), who is back on board after collaborating with Del Marquis on his own debut Make Me Believe In Hope. Cosmos perfectly blends funk & pop, with a seamless track listing and seductive sounds.


Del & Xavier present Tickle

Magic Hour is to be Scissor Sisters’ last album. For the time being, the last we get to see will be a Live DVD of their performance at London’s Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park (2011).  The four band members are taking a (temporary?) break to concentrate on their individual future. Guitarist Del Marquis, maybe the fiercest of ‘em all, already launched a side project named Del & Xavier.
Earlier this year Marquis announced he was sitting on a ton of new songs that he had recorded for his debut solo album Slow Nights, set for release this Spring, including quite a few that he had done together with Xavier. The guys picked six of these recordings to mash up a mix tape which is available as a free download. The lead track Let Me Tickle Your Fancy is a very groovylicious tune, reminiscent of the 80’s. And it’s got a saucy vid to go with it. Treat yourself to a time warp, why don’t you!

Sunday, the day after

Ladyhawke always gets you in a good mood. After spending your hard earned cash on RSD, take the car out for a Sunday Drive. The second single taken from the sophomore Anxiety, sound every bit Ladyhawke. The video is set in back streets and alleyways, and sees the singer crunching her guitar.  The new single comes with a prestigious remix of none other than Scissor Sisters.
Check out the track below, after taking a look at the original in the video.

Shady Shears

January 2nd Scissor Sisters premiered their brand new single called Shady Love on BBC Radio 1. Same day they unveiled its official music video on Shady Love was produced by Boys Noize, and features ‘rap’vocals from Krystal Pepsy, ie Jake Shears, DJ Jeremy Lingvall and NY-singer Azealia Banks. The Sisters take their sound away from the tingly funflex disco to venture into more solid electro beats. This rhythm and a catchy hook will surely make you feel like dancing.
The music video, directed by Hiro Murai (known for working with Gym Class Heroes, Usher and Lupe Fiasco), has a Glee-like group of kids bringing a noteworthy school performance. Let’s see where the 3rd album will take our Sisters!