Return of the Womack

The brilliant collaboration between Gorillaz and Bobby Womack on Stylo seems to have instigated the need for more. June 12th the Soul Legend will be releasing his new album The Bravest Man in the Universe, the first in 13 years, via XL Recordings. Womack is working on 10 tracks (see tracklist below) with Gorillaz’ Damon Albarn and label owner Richard Russell as producers. Having been diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year does not seem to stop him in his tracks.
The new single Please Forgive My Heart was already revealed a few weeks ago. Now XL Recordings lets us in the recording studio for a sneak preview of the making of the album, with snippets of the tracks and the singer talking about the new project.
Judging by what we get to hear, this album will be another collectors item. Listen in closely, at the end of the video; sounds like the rumours of a Lana Del Rey collab get confirmed.

01 The Bravest Man In The Universe
02 Please Forgive My Heart
03 Deep River
04 Dayglo Reflection
05 Sweet Baby Mine
06 Stupid
07 If There Wasn’t Something There
08 Love Is Gonna Lift You Up
09 Nothin’ Can Save Ya
10 Jubilee