The Irrepressibles impress

A true blessing, watching the Irrepressibles live last night, in support of their second album Nude. Frontman Jamie McDermott shed his feathers and grew a beard, Guy Garvey-style. In an intimate setting, McDermott played both piano and guitar alternately, surrounded by five band members playing drums, synths, cello and violin, hidden behind transparent white drapings, used to project the imagery of the video clips for Arrow and New World.
Singer Jamie’s voice has that same breathy vocal as Anthony Hegarty’s, floating somewhere between male and female. Songs such as the new single Two Men in Love reflect pure beauty, without overdramatizing, especially live on stage. A truly honest performance of an emotional form of art. Climax off course came right at the end with a mesmerizing performance of In This Shirt.
If you get the chance to see this “Performance orchestra” live, don’t let it pass. Here’s the band’s newest video.