Headphone play Gold on the Ceiling

The Black Keys are enjoying a second successful single taken from their 7th full length El Camino. Gold on the Ceiling is a worthy follow up to Lonely Boy. For the Studio Brussel cover sessions the band Headphone took on the Keys’ song. Headphone’s version might just be as successful as the original. Sometimes the cover -almost- outshines its original.
Saturday 21st is Record Store Day. StuBru is releasing an exclusive Vinyl for the occasion: a compilation of Live recordings played during their late night show Select. This cut will unfortunately not be included. Enjoy it here.


Simply Geike

Last Friday Headphone reworked a Black Keys track for Studio Brussel’s series of AC covers. Watch out for their cover to be posted soon.
Last week Geike made the Shins sound her own. Her fragile voice gives Simple Song a more intense feel. We would love to hear Florence Welsh or Karin Dreijer–Andersson do this song. Feel free to compare. You’ll love both.