A good year: The 1975

Manchester’s Indie band The 1975 are releasing new music on May 20th. The 1975 are set to release their forthcoming full length album later this year, co-produced by Mike Crossey, who has produced albums by the Arctic Monkeys and Foals. The band formed in 2002 but changed line-up and their name along the way. Healy, originally the drummer stepped in front of the mic to replace the first singer as he left the band. That’s when Daniel, born in Brussels, joined. The current name of the group was adopted only last year. It comes from an inscription in a secondhand book.
The band’s first EP Facedown was released that same year. The debut single, a demo version, The City was picked up by BBC and gave the band their starting ground. But it was Sex, off the EP with the same title, that attracted a larger following. With musical influences ranging from Sigur Rós to Talking Heads and Michael Jackson, the group explore alternative rock coated in a black and white visual, both troughout their art work and videos. Following a 3rd EP Music For Cars, comes IV, the band’s next set, which will include a definitive version of The City. The latest single Chocolate is getting extensive international airplay. Watch the video directly below. More black and white realness after the jump.

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