The Carmen in Lana

Hotty Lana Del Rey is turning out videos like cup cakes. With Blue Jeans freshly offered, and Summertime Sadness which is going to premiere this month still, a video for Carmen was released at the end of April. Not sure what to make of this one to be honest.
In sync with Lana’s debut video, Carmen is a montage of vintage footage and old videos. Though Blue Jeans may be no innovative clip, at least it has class and fits the term music video perfectly. Let’s hope the next one coming will stay away from scratchy retro. Watch the video as discussed below.


Lana Del Rey in Blue Jeans

If you recall the superb Herb Ritts video for Mariah Carey’s My All, shot in Puerto Rico, you should take a look at Lana Del Rey’s latest offering. Similar sphere is created by Yoann Lemoine, who also directed the video for Del Rey’s previous single Born to Die. Again, Bradley Soileau is Del Rey’s love bird. He undresses to enter the pool with Del Rey watching him longingly through a window. Later the two meet in the middle and engage in passionate underwater scenes, with alligators swimming around. In the final shots Lana seems prepared to die once more, reminiscent of the previous vid. Nice one.