Sherman goes easy

Third in the series to cover a current AC hit for Studio Brussel, Sherman stopped by the studio last Friday to play an acoustic set of the Vaccines’ Wetsuit. As the series progresses, the covers seem to get ever better. A slow version of the song just accompanied by piano sounds hauntingly beautiful. Triggerfinger’s live version of I Follow Rivers as they performed it on Dutch Radio 3FM has been so well received, it has now been released officially for Download. The version below deserves the same. Maybe a double compilation at some point of the best live covers would not be a bad idea. See what you make of this one.


Triggerfinger keep it simple

Triggerfinger can play it loud, but their acoustic version of Soon proved they can sound very sober and unpretentious. Same can be said of their performance on Dutch radio 3FM this week. Ruben Block and his mates brought in kitchen utensils to bring their version of Lykke Li’s I Follow Rivers. Tea cups and a spoon do the trick. And just when you thought you had just about enough of the song -though can you ever?- along comes this new take. Should be released as a single don’t you think?