CeeLo’s All I Want For Christmas

Time to kick off the festive season. What better way than by presenting you CeeLo’s Magic Moment. Green has bundled 14 interpretations of classic Seasonal songs. Guest appearances on the album include Christina Aguilera, Rod Stewart and Trombone Shorty.
The first video for Silent Night, released about a month ago, showed nothing more than a few babes doing a Santa-run. Not everyone’s cup of tea. However, the latest music video for All I Need Is Love features a totally different cast: The Muppets. CeeLo gets stranded on his way to Hotlanta, and ends up celebrating Christmas with the gang. As the party progresses, Santa Claus drops in too, played by Craig Robinson. There’s even a new Muppet on the block, named Lo-Co, impersonating The Voice-coach CeeLo in his turning chair. Watch out for the end of the video where Statler and Waldorf crank the old joke. Stick through the credits as well, as they include some more funny bits.
And as you’re in the mood for Christmas now anyway, check the video for This Christmas too. The Holidays are a-comin’ folks!


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