Montevideo new video

Brussels’ Indie Rock band Montevideo released their third album Personal Space, produced by Joakim, in October. Fronted by singer Jean Waterlot, the band named after the capital of Uruguay now consists of four friends. Montevideo’s inspirations include glampop Bowie, The Clash, Sonic Youth, The Pixies, and even Marvin Gaye. The sound they’ve created best fits the description of Britpop. Listening to their music, you cannot deny the link with Suede, Blur or Pulp.
The band’s self-titled album (2006) was followed in 2011 by the album Tribal Dance. For the new release, the first since they signed with EMI Belgium, Montevideo reworked their Fate & Glory, bringing in the lead singer of Intergalactic Lovers, Lara Chedraoui. Watch the cool b&w video directed by Pierre Waterlot for La Reine Production.


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