Latrila got The Chop

Since the start of RuPaul’s Drag Race, many a Queen has recorded her own music. Racers to have sashayed from the runway onto the dance floor include winners Bebe Zahara Benet and Tyra Sanchez, Sahara Davenport, Jessica Wild, Shangela, Pandora Boxx, Raja, Willam and Nina Flowers, among others.
This season’s Spin Off, RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race, saw some of the all time favorite contestants return to compete against each other. Or with each other, as it may, being paired up. Earlier this month, Latrila (Latrice Royale and Manila Luzon) sashayed away after being eliminated from the competition. Many say they got the chop way too early as they proved themselves to be the team to beat. The two drag stars get their own back now in a duet called The Chop, wanting to inspire fans. Manila wrote the song, in succession to previous singles Hot Couture and Best XXXcessory. Produced and remixed by Jared Jones, this is the first song to feature two of RuPaul’s disciples together.


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