George Michael alive & well

June 29th, 30 years ago, Wham Rap entered the British charts. To commemorate his 30 years in pop business George Michael released a new song, White Light, precisely on the anniversary day. On his official web page George addressed his fans with a humble thank you, acknowledging that thirty years on he is still “healthy, happy, and feeling that I still have so much more music to give”. This new track is a first new recording since 2004. Only last year the singer had to cancel tour dates after battling with pneumonia, and barely escaping the white light. The message is in the lyrics, with phrases such as I’m Back, I’m Alive, This ain’t the day that it ends… Sounds like he is now ready and willing to make that come-back. Mr Faith did prove so, performing at the closing ceremony of the London Summer Olympics yesterday evening. He opened the set of 2 live songs with Freedom, followed by the new cut. Altogether a strong return song.


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