At this year’s Manchester International Festival (30 June til 17 July) Björk will premiere her Biophilia live show. A series of 6 performances are scheduled. Following the Manchester premiere, the show will then travel to major cities around the world.

Finally some new Björk-music, first since the 2007 album Volta. The singer will be performing songs from the forthcoming album Biophilia, accompanied by a small group of unique musical collaborators and specially conceived and crafted instruments. “The multi-media project aims to explore ideas like how sound works, the infinite expanse of the universe, from planetary systems to atomic structures: where cutting edge technology, music and nature meet.”

Björk‘s Biophilia album was inspired by and partly composed with the use of the Apple iPad. A teaser for the first single Crystalline was released in the form of a video in which you see Björk drive across Iceland with the song playing through the speakers. Now available at iTunes, we get to listen to Crystalline in full. See what wonders Björk has lined up.


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