MJB – Feel Inside

We are led to believe the upcoming new Mary J Blige album My Life II, The Journey Continues will be a return to the 411. Talk about creating a hype. What’s the 411? was to R&B what Marvin’ Gaye’s What’s Going On was to Soul Music. Hard to beat, hard to compete. Blige set the tone to become the Queen of R&B with her first 3 albums, but then apart from a few highlights thereafter, sort of got side tracked, blinded by Bling Bling. Sure I’m not the only one eagerly waiting, be that with a feel of disbelieve, for Blige to return to her roots and dish up a second chapter of My Life.

Previous sneak peaks such as the first single Someone To Love Me (Naked) and the leaked track Miss Me With That completely missed the point. Now another track has surfaced called Feel Inside, featuring Nicki Minaj. This one sounds a lot more reassuring. A mid-tempo rhythm bearing resemblance of MJB’s early work, with Nicki’s rap and Mary’s vocal right on cue. Sampling Wu-Tang Clan’s Triumph might have something to do with the familiar laid back, Hip Hop style sound. If you liked Mary J’s early not-so-commercial-nor-auto-tuned work be sure to check this one…


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